The Village of Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Windsurfing - Jericoacoara

Without any natural barrier to reduce their strength, the winds reach Jericoacoara in full, making the little fishing village, the most places in Brazil to the practice of sports that depend on air in motion.

Jericoacoara is one of the best places in Brazil to take strong winds. Fortaleza is already known to be a place of strong wind, because receives the alizes winds, blowing of the African continent, but Jericoacoara really stands out. The main reason is the direction of its coastline and its geographical location, which allows the winds become parallel to the beach. That may reach Jericoacoara in full without diminishing their forces. A real show for those who practice Windsurfing.

The coast of the State of Ceará has a NW-SE orientation in most of its coastline. The coast of Jericoacoara is parallel to the equator, in the sense EW in parallel, too, with the direction of alizes winds, which then go through Jericoacoara with all the strength and without natural obstacles of the continent like other stretches of coastline. Each year, more foreigners, including professionals, passing seasons in Jericoacoara to improve their technique, and many natives also practice.

The spot is in front of the town, with good waves and wind surfable according to the tide. Very nice, but sometimes crowded. The wind is constant, but in the morning is a little less strong.

You can sail anywhere in the beach of Jericoacoara until the river Guriú. The lakes outside Jericoacoara, Tatajuba, Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Paraíso, are ideal for those who practice Freestyle. The wind starts at 9:00 pm and only stops for the night, peaking between 13:00 and 15:00 pm. In the months June to October currents often carry the rocks on the beach where exit. In this period, it's great to bring the shoes.

Good Winds in Jericoacoara!