Jericoacoara National Park - Sunset - Ceará
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Travel Information - Jericoacoara

Before arriving in Jeri is good know some travel information on the beach. Jericoacoara is a simple fishing village, and don't have many services that are used in the biggest cities.

Jericoacoara has markets, bars, cafes, restaurants, cybercafes, little shops, laundry, rent of horses, among others. In Jeri there are no banks and loan offices, and traveler's checks are not accepted. Keep it in mind before plan your trip.


The local voltage is 220V.


The international dialing code is 00 and 55-88 and number. Many hotels and inns in Jericoacoara offers a service of fixed telephony. You can also find a calling card in the village center.


There are many places to access the internet in Jericoacoara, on Main Street, and you can connect your laptop in almost all hotels and inns, but also the most important points of the city, using a wireless connection.


It is not necessary to have any vaccinations, but remeber that in Jericoacoara there is NOT hospital, so it is important to remember to bring some basic medicines (antibiotic for example). The nearest clinic is located in Jijoca but offers very limited services. The close hospital is in Sobral, which is 3 hours by car.

When to Go

The year is good to know Jericoacoara, the rainy season runs from March to May (see the climate below).


The weather is very good. The temperature in Jericoacoara beach is constantly stable (as in almost the entire State of Ceará), rarely under 25C (77F) or over 35C (95f). Rainfall is between February and May (winter), and the sun shines all year round. From July to November the wind is strong and promotes the practice of windsurfing and kite (the kite is mainly practiced in Prea beach, 12 km from Jericoacoara).


Currency is the Real R$. We advise you to change money in Fortaleza Airpot, because there are no banks or cash points at Jericoacoara.


It is possible to stay in Brazil up to 6 month as a tourist.

Remember: In Jericoacoara there are no banks, it's important to come up with money. In almost all restaurants, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.