Jericoacoara National Park - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Brazil

The Place - Jericoacoara Beach and National Park - Brazil

Jericoacoara is an ecological paradise, located in an area of environmental preservation, today a National Park. Until 20 years ago did not go to an isolated village of fishermen in the world, today, has become a major center of tourism.

If the principle Jericoacoara was only one seat lost and isolated from the rest of the world, today is a National Park that attracts hundreds of tourists each year on vacation from several places in Brazil and the world. With a population about 10,000 people, the beach of Jericoacoara still keeping intact their village, with its streets covered with sand, without roads, without much speculation because of restrictions and laws for environmental protection. For these simple reasons Jericoacoara grew in a positive way, maintaining a healthy lifestyle quiet and calm, with small Inns and Hotels, constructed with materials typical of the region (straw, carnauba, and lots of wood), offering elegance, good taste and simplicity, besides the great service and good attendance.

Jericoacoara is really simple, and could not be different. It is no coincidence that it was selected as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Life in the village is very calm, as well the local natives, with a step so slow that sometimes foreign who are on vacation find it strange, unusual, illogical, because so accustomed to the great rhythms of modern life where everything is fast, very fast. Jericoacoara has no traffic, queues in front of banks, offices crowded..... strong stress. Certainly among the small streets of sand Jeri, you can find a cow or a donkey loose, but there are not great dangers and you can go freely in the village.

On Jericoacoara beach is still possible to assist fishermen who returned from fishing at sea with their rafts, as did many years ago, when only survived the natural factors of nature.

Today Jericoacoara still has those characteristics, too slowly to modernity doing their steps. There are beautiful people, so many tourists, beautiful shops, good restaurants and bars, and at any time of year you can find many sailors in search of the perfect winds for pratice windsurfing and kitesurfing, divided between Jericoacoara and Prea Beach.

At the end of each day you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets from all over Brazil, seen from a giant white dune that dominates a vast ocean where the sun, just before sunset, if only gradually loses inside the sea. The climate where you'll find here is truly magical.

Jericoacoara is still a paradise intact over time, where everything is totally in line with the nature of the National Park.

Of course, even a beach like this has its difficulties, nothing is easy anywhere, much less in Brazil. Perhaps, sometimes the temporary lack of energy or a specific food in the supermarket, for example, can leave a little perplexed the residents and tourists, but in the end, the reward and pleasure of living in an ecological paradise like this, and all these things (many apparent actually), makes clear on how the human being needs to be very comfortable with himself.