Prea Beach - Jericoacoara National Park - Ceará
Prea Beach - Brazil

Kitesurfing - Prea Beach

Jericoacoara is one of the best places in Brazil to take strong winds, and the small village of Prea was elected as the official kitesurfing beach, offering winds even stronger that Jericoacoara.

Prea beach is one of the best places in the world to practice kitesurfing, located only 10 km south at the border of Jericoacoara National Park.

The beach is a 10 mile-long bay with white sand, and offers wind side-on-shore from the right, every day from 11 am, without rocks or obstacles.

In regards to the wind conditions in Prea, almost every day between July and December/January, 20 knots in the morning and 25 to 30 in the afternoon, then it usually drops about 5 knots before sunset.

In September, October and November, you may get 3-5 days a month with 35 knots in the afternoon, due to the new moon and full moon.

Below, the wind and water conditions in Prea:

Wind Conditions

Water Conditions

* Almost flat water/ windwaves at low tide.

* Choppy conditions at medium tide with nice kickers close to beach.

* Beachbreak and choppy conditions at high tide - no close out waves.

Good Winds!