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Jericoacoara - Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park

Jericoacoara is an environmental protection area since 1984, and National Park since 2002 to protect and preserve the natural beauty.

The environmental protection area (APA) of the beach of Jericoacoara was created in 1984 by the IBAMA and the Government of the State of Ceara and aims to protect and preserve the rich natural heritage of the region and encourage balanced use of natural resources. The protected area in Jericoacoara is approximately 200 km2, in a extension of 10 km more a single village. The east limit is the Prea Kitesurf Beach and the west limit is the village of Guri.

Chek the image below to see the area of the National Park:

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil
Jericoacoara National Park - Since 2002

Since 2002, in order to avoid greater environmental destruction, the Ibama together with the government of Ceara and the Prefecture of Jijoca of Jericoacoara have signed an agreement to transform the region into PARNA (Jericoacoara National Park) in the municipalities of Cruz, Jijoca and Jericoacoara beach.

Jericoacoara has a very fragile ecosystem, which is controlled by Ibama. Moreover, the construction of highways and roads, as well as any kind of flooring, the predatory fishing, hunting and pollution of any kind are prohibited in the region.

To cooperate with the Park preservation, some measures may be taken by visitors, such as:

The National Park surrounds the limits of the main village of Jericoacoara, leaving little space available for the expansion of the village and speculation on the value of land. That is important to avoid too population growth, which would impose environmental and social impacts in this fragile region, as well as the great environmental fragility of the dunes of Jericoacoara.

The IBAMA ensures that the establishment of the National Park is a great victory for the environment, because it will have control over the tourist flow, thereby protecting all natural beauty of the region and improving the quality of life of the Community.

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