The Village of Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Map - Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

Jericoacoara has 5 main streets almost parallel: Rua da Igreja, Rua Principal, Rua São Francisco, Rua do Forró and Rua das Dunas.

The map shows the village of Jericoacoara: the main street named Rua Principal, the famous sunset dune (know as Duna do Pôr-do-Sol), the cemetery, the Malhada beach and the main beach of Jericoacoara where you can practice Windsurfing, the path leading to Pedra Furada and Prea beach.

Map - Jericoacoara National Park

All streets in Jericoacoara are of sand (the construction of roads is prohibited by law in the National Park), and some of them ending in the sea.

See also Google Map on Jericoacoara:

Jericoacoara - Google Map
Jericoacoara photographed by the satellite of Google