The Village of Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Location - Jericoacoara

Located in the far north-western State of Ceará, the National Park of Jericoacoara has a particular position, which allows visitors to admire both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jericoacoara is located in Jijoca de Jericoacoara, 300 km (190 miles) from Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará, almost in line with the equator, Brazil. Lies 240 km east of the Delta Parnaíba, State of Piaui, and 350 km from the wonderful National Park of Lencois Maranhenses in the State of Maranhão. Jericoacoara has a privileged geographical position, which allows you to see the sunrise and sunset in the sea by a giant white dune located on the west side of the village of Jeri.

This excellent geographical position has made it even more Jericoacoara known thanks to its strong wind and constant throughout the year, attracting many foreigners looking for a perfect place to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. (Kitesurf mostly in Prea Beach).

Jericoacoara is located at 2° 47' 25" S x 40° 29' 29" W (Latitude: -2.7904, Longitude: -40.4915).

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Nearest Airport:

Jericoacoara have not an easy access, and to reduce the trip from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara, visitors using air today, buggy, 4x4 vehicles up to helicopters. Therefore, the travel time is reduced, which normally calculating the estimated time for buses that arrive until Jijoca is seven hours, not before.

The difficulty of access in Jericoacoara National Park is part of his charm, and for that each year attracts the curiosity of many tourists who arrive from all over the world to know this paradise, elected in 1994 as one of the 10 most beautiful beach in world, from an article published on the famous North American newspaper Washington Post Magazine.

In Jericoacoara respect and preserve nature of the National Park.