Sunset - Jericoacoara - Ceará
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Kitesurfing - Jericoacoara National Park - Prea Beach - Brazil

Jericoacoara is a perfect place for kitesurfing. The sport, which is increasingly invading the National Park, is practiced on the nearby beach of Prea, located just 12 kilometers from the main village.

Jericoacoara is every day more famous as an excellent starting point for the practice of kitesurfing. The sport, which is increasingly encroaching Jericoacoara, is practiced mostly in Prea Beach, who was elected as the official kitesurfing beach, offering winds even stronger than those of its neighbour. Prea is a small fishermen village located 12 km east of Jericoacoara, at the entrance of the National Park of Jericoacoara, representing about 33% of its territory. Prea offers a number of kitesurfing schools, able to give personalized lessons with real professionals. Most instructors are trained by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

The Brazilian Northeast, especially the state of Ceara, undergoes the action of trade winds from Africa which keeps constant winds in the region between 23 to 30 knots. The wind direction varies according to the local beaches, with winds "side on-shore", "shore side" and "off-shore side." In Mangue Seco and Guriu river, for example, the wind is side shore and water flat, situated only 10 minutes from Jeri (great to do downwind).

In Jericoacoara beach the wind is side-off, but a place is ideal for experienced kiters. It is important to remember that the season of rains occurs outside the period of wind, between February and May, at a much lower wind, goes from 10 to 20 knots, with 2 / 3 days of wind per week.

The winds blowing in Prea about 25-30 Knot every day, making the fishing village the favorite destination for kitesurfers from around the world.

Kite Zone Features

Prea beach is one of the best places in the world to practice kitesurfing because the wind is - side on shore - and currents as well. The practitioner has a wide stretch of white beaches deserted to sail in peace and it is great to do downwinders.

Good Winds in Jericoacoara and Prea Beach!