Central Beach of Jericoacoara - National Park - Ceará
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Jericoacoara - Getting There

Jericoacoara less 300 km from Fortaleza, the capital State of Ceará. You can get to Jericoacoara by bus, car or helicopter. Reach the National Park is difficult.

Jericoacoara is approx. 300 km away from Fortaleza. All year round, there are public buses between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara beach. Departure time from Fortaleza (depending where from) is approx. 10am. and 6pm. The company name is Empresa Fretcar and they sell tickets at the airport (booth next to Ceará Tourism Information).

Getting There - Jericoacoara - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brazil

Between Fortaleza and Jijoca the transport is done by bus, and then between Jijoca and Jericoacoara is done by 4x4 Jardineira vehicle or buggy. Getting by bus in Jericoacoara is one of the ways easier, but also tiring and long. The entire trip takes approximately 6/7 hours.

Besides the public buses, if you want to leave the aiport of Fortaleza Pinto Martins in the morning, there are presently two private companies offering transfers with mini-buses, passing at the airport at 6.30am. and 8.00am.

By Car

To get by car in Jericoacoara beach you will need a map because the road is not well flagged. And not to miss the way, it is important to know the route before you go. The best option of highway is the CE-085, called 'Structuring'. They need about 6 hours from the capital to the centre of the municipality of Jijoca of Jericoacoara, 23 km away from the beach of Jericoacoara. From there, only vehicles with four wheels traction, buggies or vans follow up to the town, by the dunes. The road is interrupted near the National Park of Jericoacoara. Who arrrive by car without 4 X 4 traction usually leaves it in the parking of Jijoca.

By Helicopter

The most expensive way to get to Jericoacoara is by helicopter. The capacity for each trip is 5 people, and th flight last 50 minutes. The place of departure is your hotel or the airport in Fortaleza, and the helicopter only flights at day and never at night.