The Village of Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brazil
Jericoacoara - Brazil

Jericoacoara - Attractions

Jericoacoara offers many attractions both inside and outside the area of environmental protection. Below the most attractions and places of interest in National Park.

Pedra Furada - Arched Rock

Pedra Furada is an arc of a huge stone, carved by the action of waves and weather, which is located in the Rocky Region in Jericoacoara, which opened after the Malhada beach and stretch for about 2 km of coastline. The hole in the center of the arc allows the contour of the Sun fits precisely there to be put in the months of July and August. To reach the Pedra Furada, we must walk approximately 40 minutes by the beach (when the tide is low), taking advantage to exploit the natural pools that are on the way, or by the Serrote (when the tide is high). At any time of year, it is a point of pilgrimage for tourists.

Sunset Dune

Well next to the village of Jericoacoara, begin the famous Sunset Dune, one of the highest and charmind of the State of Ceará. It is one of the most sought programmes at dusk. Jericoacoara is one of only points in Brazil that allows observe the sun hiding in the sea. Every day in the evening, people return from trips up the dune to see the magic sunset at sea, considered the most beautiful of Brazil. Also is possible see groups of traditional Capoeira dancing on the basis of the dune.

Blue Lagoon and Paradise

Blue Lagoon is characterized by beautiful blue green freshwate, with white sand and banks of wood in water to serve as a springboard. This pond has a large extent, and its landscape is compared to the color of the Caribbean. It is part of the Paradise Lagoon, in which has raft trips, practice of free diving and restaurant. The lake is 20 miles far from Jericoacoara. The paradise lagoon is south of Jericoacoara, it is a huge freshwater lake (15 km long) with transparent water surrounded by dunes. It has a good infrastructure for tourism and is used for Windsurfing and sailing, especially in the months of July and January, period of trade winds. In this pond are prohibited the use of nautical equipments with motor. The place is a total tranquility.

Mangue Seco

Mangue Seco is a small quiet fishing village located about 5 km from Jericoacoara. The sequence of dunes on the edge looks like a desert by the sea. The beach turns on the Guriú by the ferry rowing, on a strait that leads to mangroves.

Guriú Village

Guriú is a small community of fishermen, about 10 km from Jericoacoara. Guriú marks the west limit of APA (Evironmental Protection Area), and here is possible hire a rustic raft, and passing by enormous sand formations accross the river mouth. At the end of the ride, visitors stop at a rustic little bar for some delicious snacks by the seashore.


With 98 meters in height, the hill called Serrote is the highest mountain in the region of Jericoacoara and also the barrier that prevents the moving sands reach and cover the town. Formed by quarz, for many years provided stones for construction of the houses of the village. With the creation of the APA, Jericoacoara has banned the extraction of any element of Serrote, and the movement of cars and bugues for its extension. On foot of Serrote there is Pedra Furada, and the top is the lighthouse of Jericoacoara, inaugurated in 1952. The lighthouse is the best place to watch sunrise and moonrise, because it offers the best view of the sea eastwards.


Is a primitive fishing village, 25 km from Jericoacoara. Tatajuba was covered by the action of the dunes, and rebuilt by fishermen on the other side of the river. That is why some consider it as New Tatajuba. To reach this beach the best option is to hire a buggy that give you a real rally by the dunes, lagoons, beaches and mangroves. New Tatajuba perhaps represents what Jericoacoara was 20 years ago. The wind is the great artist of this paradise, giving new contours to the landscape at every moment, where the contemplation of nature is the greatest pleasure.

Prea Beach

Prea Beach is an authentic village of fishermen, with a small community that keeps the place preserved in time and still capture the daily lives of fish, shrimp and lobster. The village is quite typical tourist because it has little tourism influence. Prea is starting to develop and already has several restaurants and hotels on the beach. The place is known about everything to get strong winds and offer ideal conditions for practice Kitesurfing.

Malhada Beach

Malhada is situated on the east side of the bay, Malhada beach provides good sail condition, and is frequented mostly by surfers.